5/31/11 Tues
May 30, 2011
6/2/11 Th
June 1, 2011

6/1/11 Wed

45 & 13

For Time-35min Time Cap
Rx Buy In 100 DU
Long 800
10 Ground To Overhead (GTO) (135/93)
Long 400
10 GTO
Long 200
10 GTO
There is no sub for DU’s
Time Permitting:
Anyone unable to do dub’s
work on them after wod.

We Will Hold 2 Rx Standards
RxGS = Wt, ROM, Mechanics of The Motion (MOM) were all adhered to perfectly.
Rx= Wt and motions adhered to but some aspect of ROM or MOM not perfect.
Note: To be Rx You Are Still Pretty Damn Close To RxGs.
“Hello Boys… I’m Baaackkkkk!”

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