3/12/11 Sat
March 11, 2011
3/14/11 Mon
March 13, 2011

3/12/11 Sat

68 Burpees Today. Yeaaaah Burpeeeeeeezzzz!

Obstacle Course
70th Run
100m Tire Pull
200m Run
4 Bench Hop

10-15or20 AKBS – Diff Wt Are Assigned Diff Reps

Box Jump Toll Bridge
10 Burpee Toll to enter
Box Jump Bridge
10 Burpee Toll to exit
-Should You Detour A Box You Must Pay A 5 Burpee Box Jump Toll-
5 Dips

10 Slam Balls
– ea wt is assigned a rep count –
10 Wall Ball Shots
– ea wt is assigned a rep count –

5-8 or 10 DB HPSnatch based on DB Wt
Progressive Shuttle Run
3 or 5 Man Makers based on DB Wt
200m Row

How Many Circuits Of The Obstacle Course Can You Complete

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