7/9/12 Mon
July 8, 2012
7/11/12 Wed
July 10, 2012

7/10/12 Tues

For Load – For each round the BB Wt must be the same for all of the efforts. Increase wt each round-
30 DU (sub 3:1 + 5 Burpees) – 25 sit ups
1 Clean and Jerk- Use Split-
3 Back Thrusters
5 Dead Hang Pull Ups
7 RDL’s
Each effort is continuous or it is a failed set and must be redone before moving on. Rest as long as needed b/t efforts.

25 DU – 20per cross overs

20 DU – 15 Sit Ups

15 DU – 10per Cross Overs

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