8-15-11 Mon
August 14, 2011
8-17-11 Wed
August 16, 2011

8-16-11 Tues

16 Push ups

Warm Up and Light Stretching Prior to top of the hour
At The Top of the hour Begin Working.

Strength WOD
SP 6-5-4-3, PP 3-3-3, PJ 1-1-1
Progression of intensity- SP Light to Mod; PP Mod to Mod Heavy; PJ Mod Heavy to Heavy

Met Con Wod
5 Rounds For Time
8 per side DB Snatch – Any Way-
6 Hang Power Clean
4 Bar Facing Burpees
2 Clean & Jerk

1 Bar only. Post DB & BB Loads And Time

Intensive Stretching After Wod. And Again Before hitting the sack.

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