Thurs. 3/19/20
March 26, 2020
Mon. 3/23/20
March 26, 2020

Fri. 3/20/20

R.E.D. Friday 3/20/20

Memorial Wod – Georgie

21min AMRAP

Buy In – 65 Sit Ups

7 Burpees
11 Push Ups
22 KBS @ 24/16

* Background: This workout was originally posted on on April 9, 2017 and shared with WODwell by George’s sister, Jolene Taylor.

“George was taken at the young age [of 51]. Born 7-22-1965 and passed 12-25-2016. He lived by the motto “Once a Marine Always A Marine!” Anyone who knew Georgie knew he was most proud of his service as a Marine. No matter how bad his struggles were he never lost the pride of being in the Marine Corp. He loved serving his country and actually tried to rejoin the Marine Corp but due to his diabetes and health issues he wouldn’t be able to. You almost never saw him without wearing Marine Attire, especially his cap. Also anyone who knew him no matter from where or when or circumstance would always say how open and loving his personality was and his humor was loved by everyone and could make anyone and everyone laugh and come up with a imitation or hilarious saying on the drop of a hat. Georgie had a complete natural charm. Always smiling and thankful. I can hear him now saying “Thank yee” and I “persheate it” haha. Georgie had a military upbringing and so much like his father, carried the same name but Jr, so proud of being in the US Marine Corp and loved so much being around Veterans and listening to them. Our dad served in the Navy and then worked and retired as the deputy director for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs helping other veterans. Our Uncle was injured and shot in the head during D-Day and earned a Purple Heart.