Tues 12/11/12
December 11, 2012
Th 12/13/12
December 12, 2012

Wed 12/12/12

Tabata Style – 20sec of work and 10sec of rest – think of the rest as a transition to the next exercise-20sec of KBS then 20sec of MBC – 1 round done.
After 4 rounds you will have 30sec of rest before moving to the next segment, Push Ups and Sit Ups. After 4 rounds take another 30sec rest then move to the final segment, HPC and Air Squats. After completing 3rd segment rest 30sec then repeat the cycle)

2 Cycles

4 Rounds
KBS (32/24)
Med Ball Clean (20/14)

4 Rounds
Push Ups
Sit Ups

4 Rounds
HPC (115/85)
Air Squats

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