Tues. 12/17/13
December 17, 2013
Th. 12/19/13
December 18, 2013

Wed. 12/18/13

Warm Up 1-2-3

2 Sets of 1 min Efforts per Exercise
BB Bench
BB Skull Crusher
BB Back Squat
BB Curl
Score lowest rep count for each exercise

2 partners
2 sets of each exercise with a :30 sec rest between sets and 1.5min. rest in between exercises.
Partners alternate:
1st does 1 min. of work then there’s :30sec break for partner transition then partner works for 1 min.
For bench press use risers if extra benches are needed, set about 4 to 5 high.

~~~~~{Choose a wt that can be used for all exercises}~~~~~~

Each can have their own bar. Must use that wt for all work being done
Wt should be light this is high rep work.
Boys 33-95ish
Girls 22-75ish

Thanks for your interest in joining

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