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April 3, 2011
4/5/11 Tues
April 5, 2011

Why signing up for class is important…

Ok People Pay Attention! At 10:30pm Sun, 9 on schedule. At 11:00 am Mon 12. I Planned For 18 just in case. 6pm comes around I got 23. with 5 people having 3 injury scenarios. No way to accommodate the programmed WOD. So No Strength Work No skills work. scrap the wod and do another. Very Hectic and Stressful. Annoying to other members and myself. And Unfair to other members. Now There Are, some, extenuating circumstances. And if so, you need to let me know. But I am giving you notice. Next time. I will not be so accommodating. If you just show up and logistics won’t accommodate your participation you will have to sit the wod out.

How Much Notice Do I need… As much as possible. But the night before by 9pm is not unreasonable. Or is it! If you are a special circumstance we should have already spoken. If not do so.

Thanks for your interest in joining

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